Gluten Free Travelette in 2010

What a year 2010 was...

I visited 11 States and Territories, ate at two gluten free friendly weddings (including my own), and cooked my first full Thanksgiving dinner ever (all gluten free)!

I found some awesome local spots to get gluten frees goodies like crepes and visited the surprisingly gluten free friendly cities of Austin, PortlandLas Vegas, and Anchorage.

I experimented with making my first gluten free turkey, perfecting our cornbread recipe, and making chili for the first time ever!

The collection of gluten free friendly restaurants finally migrated off of my iPhone notes feature and onto a useable website. And I started my collection of gluten free recipes.

In 2011...

Travels to New Zealand, the East Coast of the United States, more adventures in British Colombia, Idaho, Alaska, and Oregon are highly likely.

In the kitchen, I hope to experiment with gluten free popovers, homemade bread, and more vegetarian dishes!