Gluten Free In and Around Boston, Massachusetts

This trip really did not start off so well.

My first night in Boston, I went to Legal Seafood at Long Wharf because I had heard they were very allergy friendly and even had a gluten free menu.  I think I even read somewhere that they had gluten free rolls!  So anyway, I explained my food allergies to my server and ordered off the gluten free menu.  I got the cioppino and I got sick.  Really sick, worst reaction I've had so far.  I actually stayed in my hotel the entire next day and missed the first day of my conference because I felt so awful. Anyway, I called the restaurant to report that I got sick and they took down my information and had a manager call me back.  She called me back, took down the information about how I ordered and then asked me what my symptoms were...

...I did a bit of a double take at that.  I don't know what I've ever been asked that before by someone who is not in a medical profession. And frankly, I felt that information is personal and it is inappropriate for a restaurant manager to ask. So our conversation ended there.  No apology or anything.

Then another person called me, I think a manager a bit higher up the chain. She was much clearer spoken and apologized several times, especially for not having a manager involved at my table, which is apparently their policy for any customers with food allergies.  I explained to her that I felt asking for information about my symptoms was inappropriate.  She explained a bit further that they do keep a microbiologist on staff. This manager was much nicer to me and offered to invite me back to the restaurant to eat or to mail me something.

In the end, the customer service got better, but I don't think that I'll be going back.


181 Cambridge St. 
Boston, MA 02114
(617) 723-0004


Okay...on to better things now.  After that experience the first night, I decided a trip to the local Whole Foods was in order. I found some new gluten free treats including some chocolate almond granola, rice crispys, vanilla spritz cookies, and my good standby of Udis, and my all time favorite...sheep's milk yogurt!


8 Park Plaza Space D-6
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 573-0822

The second night, we walked around Boston Commons and went to PF Changs for dinner, since that's always been a safe choice. It was good as always, but the service was incredibly slow.  Dinner for 3 people took 3 hours.


597 Centre St.
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
(617) 524-8810

Now on to night favorite! My mom asked around and found a place called Ten Tables which is in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston and we got reservations for late that night.  (Their restaurant literally does have 10 tables plus a bar area, so reservations are a must!) My experience here was amazing!  I explained all of my food issues to them and I had plenty of choices to choose from.  They were also happy to change things so that I could still order that dish.  I got the Cauliflower Soup (amazing!), Meyer Hanger Steak with Spicy Browned Potatoes, Kale, and Watercress, and a flour-less chocolate cake. Here's a sad shot of the Cauliflower Soup, it had olive oil, hot chili oil, chives, and roasted nuts on top. I would highly recommend Ten Tables to anyone, I'd also suggest calling ahead if you have any food allergies.  They were just really really terrific!