Camera-Less + Links

Well I am officially camera-less.  

At least for the next two-three weeks, while it's in for repairs. 

So no pretty foodie photographs and likely few blog posts until I get it back.

In the mean time I'm going to...

Work on perfecting my "very-popular-at-the-office" banana bread recipe.

Start playing with some holiday recipes including gluten free stuffing, this molasses cake, and some family holiday cookie and bread recipes.

Be reading 31 Days To Find Your Blogging Mojo and hopefully be making some improvments to the site.

Knit and take a sewing class at Made Sewing Studio, which you should check out if you're in the Seattle area and are at all interested in sewing.

Consider a short weekend trip to the San Juan Islands, Olympic Penninsula, or Portland, Oregon. Suggestions would be appreciated!

Prepare for my next trip to the South, I'll be flying in to Atlanta, Georgia and then driving my way over to Oxford, Alabama.

In the mean time you should...

Find me on Twitter!  I'll still be tweeting (shudder: I can't get used to that word) silly iPhone filtered pics and bits and pieces about my adventures with food.

Check out my guest post about Crispy Cauliflower over at XGFX for Vegan MoFo.

Check out my Wordless Wedding over at my all time favorite wedding blog/site: A Practical Wedding.

Check out Easy Eats Magazine, I hear they will have a new issue out in a couple of days.