Gluten Free Travelette in 2011

In 2011, I visited 19 states, provinces, and regions in 3 different countries, went camping for the first time while being gluten free (see my series of posts on Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner), and purchased a KitchenAide Stand Mixer!



I continued to enjoy local Seattle area restaurants through my Seattle Summer Gluten Free Challenge. I made it to just about half of the restaurants, but I guess that means I just have more to try!


I did a lot more baking this year, especially after the introduction of the new Stand Mixer.  I even took a gluten free baking class at The Pantry from Shauna and Danny of Gluten Free Girl & The Chef!

I've been continually updating my gluten free recipe list and gluten free friendly eateries list.  And I joined Twitter!


On a more serious note, there was one post I never got around to writing because I just couldn't come up with an elequant and appropriate way to discuss it. That was "Gluten Free In Christchurch, New Zealand".  We arrived in Christchuch on February 21, 2011. We had a long drive and took took the opportunity to walk around the main part of the city. We ate at a local restaurant that had a gluten free menu shopped at a grocery store with a great gluten free section. Walked through the beautiful parks. The next morning we packed up and got on a flight to Auckand at around 10:30AM. By 12:51 PM we were sitting in the lounge at the Auckland Airport and heard an announcement over the loud speakers that a major earthquake had occured in Christchurch.


In 2012...

I've got travels planned to Oregon, Alaska, Maryland, Washington DC, California, and drumroll please.............France and Spain!  Let me know if you have any tips or hints on traveling around gluten free in those two countries, I'm going to need all the help I can get.  I'll mostly be traveling through the south of France and the northern half of Spain.

I'd like to work on cooking with more fruits and veggies, less meat, and more raw foods! On my list of things to make from scratch are almond milk, ravioli, and raw chocolate truffles.

I'll be adding a new element to the site; a list of noteworthy lodging sites! With all my travels, I stay in a number of hotels, cottages, etc. and I thought I would finally start compiling a list of the ones that stick out as special, unique, or have just wonderful customer service.