Gluten Free In Portland, Oregon: An Overnight

And now we'll take a quick break from the Gluten Free In New Zealand posts!

But first, I must apologize for the quality of the pictures for this trip, I forgot the good camera, so iPhone photos will have to do!  Second, this will be a short post with not a whole lot of new information because I was just on a short overnight jaunt down to Portland.  I had grand dreams of trying out some new places, but defaulted to some old favorites for comfort purposes. In fact, the only new place in Portland I visited was a chain!

The very first place I stopped, even before checking into my hotel, was New Cascadia Traditional Bakery which I first visited on my last trip to Portland. I picked up a vegan vanilla cupcake, pumpkin ginger muffin (THE BEST!), an all seed bagel, and a loaf of multi grain bread. All were amazing as usual and I'm already craving more of their treats.

1139 NW Couch St.
Portland, OR 97209
(503) 432-4001

The first night in Portland I was just exhausted and wanted to get take out, so the easy solution was a place I know oh so well. I got the gluten free Mongolian Beef, brown rice, and the garlic snap peas.

My only other stop was Prasad, which I visited last time as well.  After a half day of business, it was wonderful to go into a yoga facility with a running stream and such a calm and soothing environment.  I got an amazing bittersweet hot chocolate with cayenne, cinnamon, and almond-hemp milk.  They actually have a huge list of delicious drinks all prepared with alternative milks other than soy.  Their salad bowl was delicious as well.