Bulk Food Sources

We've found ourselves a bit tight on funds recently and have also been having a hard time finding some gluten free basics that we depend on.  So in addition to receiving our bi-monthly produce deliveries we've started ordering a lot of products in bulk. It took me a bit to find all of my favorite sources, but I've been pretty successful now, so I thought I'd share!

I've found it nearly impossible to find dried fruit and nuts that haven't potentially been contaminated in any stores near me.  NutsOnline has a wonderful selection of certified gluten free items and you can buy in bulk.  We've been ordering all of our nuts, seeds, and dried fruits from here for about a month now and couldn't be happier.  All of the products we've order come in re-sealable bags, so that makes things easy. Someday I'd like to try and buy bulk almonds to make our own almond milk.

I order a lot of products off Amazon, especially ones they stock themselves so I can take advantage of the free shipping! They have a lot of products that I order frequently, but sometimes there's not a lot of into on the exact product, so be sure to read carefully.  I've also begun to set up my own aStore with all of the products that I frequently purchase, have a look here. I'll also, be adding a little widget to the side of my page, so you can always click there to check out what I'm stocking up on!