Gluten Free & Fresh: Week 3

Week 3 offered a ton, let me repeat, a ton of leafy greens.  So I've had to really up those dishes this time.

A braising mix of cut greens was boiled up and eaten for lunch with just a little bit of seasoning.

Green Leaf Lettuce and some of the Mizuna was used to make a simple salad with carrots, bean sprouts, and rice vinegar for dressing.

The rest of the Mizuna and a Yellow Onion was used to make a risotto.

The Fuji Apples, Granny Smith Apples, Navel Oranges, and Minneola Tangelos will be eaten as snacks.

Before I got a chance to use them, the Fingerling Potatoes began to sprout and feel like jelly, so sadly, into the compost they went.

Do you have any ideas on what to do with Green Chard, Green Kale, and Italian Parsley?