Gluten Free & Fresh: Week 5

We're still searching for sun spring here in Seattle, but each week the veggies in our box look better and better. And our own veggies are beginning to grow, the swiss chard is sprouting and the arugula is growing quite quickly. I'll take some pictures at the end of the month to see how much progress they've made.

Alright, on to the meals from this week's box!

Baby Spinach, Avocados, and Blood Oranges were used to make a salad.

Sweet Imperial Onions were used to make a baked and breaded version of onion rings. 

Romaine Lettuce was used on BLTs.

Pink Lady Apples and Fuji Apples were combined with Week 4's apples to make apple butter in the slow cooker.

Navel Oranges were used in my favorite breakfast dish at the moment.

Do you have any ideas on what to do with Broccoli, Red Potatoes, and Carrots?