Gluten Free & Very Fresh: 1+ Month

In only about a month, we've gotten our first harvest from our garden!  Some arugula and dill!  The arugula will probably be braised and the the dill is currently being dried!

Since my first post about our garden we've added more goodies as the weather has gotten warmer. Including BBQ ready rosemary, a carving pumpkin, artichoke, pansies, sun sugar tomatoes, jalapeno, and english lavender.

Our arugula has gone so wild that we had to tame it back a bit from taking over the tarragon planted in the center.  A local creature has also taken an interest in our romaine, so we've had to put a cage around it. We've seen a ton of growth in the dill, sage, and tea plants.  We've also got swiss chard sprouts!

Stay tuned for the next update!