Gluten Free & Fresh: Week 6

We actually had some free time on our hands this weekend so we made an appointment with ourselves to visit the Ballard Farmers Market.

Leeks were sautéed and combined with shredded Spring Goat Cheese and made into a grilled cheese sandwich on Rudi's Multigrain Bread.

Yukon Gold Potatoes were shredded to make a large hash-brown.

The Kale was cooked up and used as a serving base for some smoked salmon mixed with chives from our garden and mayo to make a salmon salad for lunches.

Collard Greens and Goat Chevre went into making what has become one of our favorite dishes, Creamy Polenta with Collard Greens & Bacon, but this time we used some turkey bacon.

Sweet Onions, Leeks, and the rest of the Spring Goat Cheese were made into our Easy French Onion Soup.

Some of the Eggs were made into birds nests (where you cut out a circle in the middle of a piece of bread and then drop the egg into the middle of it in a frying pan.)

Gala Apples were eaten.