Gluten Free & Fresh: Week 7

Well, Week 7 of Gluten Free & Fresh didn't end up going so well. I made some plans. Then those plans had to be crossed out upon receiving the box...

Stir Fry Strips and Broccoli to make a version of my gluten and soy free mongolian beef.
White Sweet Corn and Peaches to be grilled.

Arugula to be made into my Shells & Squash dish.
Mango, Spring Onions, and Green Bibb Lettuce to be made into a salad.
Fava Beans would be grilled.
Fuji Apples were eaten.

Those crossed out veggies you see above were all either rotting, infested with bugs, or replaced with a less than stellar item (old looking English Peas were subbed for the Fava Beans). This was not the first time this has happened, but it will be the last with that particular company.  We've since canceled our service, been told we will recieve a refund for this last box, and signed up with a different CSA.

Cross your fingers for me that Week 8 of Gluten Free & Fresh will go much better!