Gluten Free In Everett, WA

7024 Evergreen Way, Ste A
Everett, WA 98203
(425) 347-3500

We were on the hunt for gluten free masa harina to make tamale's after striking out at Whole Foods. So with a long weekend on hand we decided to take a drive up to Everett to visit Janell's Gluten Free Market.

Only a short drive from Seattle, Janell's Gluten Free Market has a wonderful selection of gluten free products, especially basic ingredients like flours. They had a number of brands that I had never seen before and all of the varieties that I have trouble finding at my local stores.  There was also a wonderful selection of sauces and of my favorite, Justin's Nut Butter (my new favorite is Chocolate Almond!).

I will definitely keep Janell's on my list to visit when I can't find the products I want locally.