Weekend Full of Figs and Plums

This was the first weekend I've had to be at home in a long while, so I wanted to get in all the summer produce I could; specifically figs and plums!

With 2 pounds of mission figs I managed to make a medium sized jar of fig preserves, a good number of fig cookies, and one roll of fig rugelach. The fig cookies turned out very well, even though I had a bit of trouble determining how to actually form them.

The rugelach though, was delicious!  I used Gluten Free Girl's recipe but substituted plain sheep milk yogurt for the cream cheese, added an ounce of ground flax, and skipped the gums. I definitely plan to tweak this a bit more because I ended up loosing the first roll because it didn't hold together well enough and I doubt I'm even going to have cream cheese as a staple in the cabinet.

Oh and the plums! I found this recipe on the Kitchn and pandowdy's might be one of my new favorite things.  The plums I had weren't quite ripe yet so the dish was a bit tart, but was perfection when combined with either goat milk vanilla ice cream or plain sheep milk yogurt with honey.  The later was my absolute favorite combination.