Mighty Knits at Parsley & Co.


Those of you that follow me on twitter or instagram will know that I'm a knitter. And those of you that remember my 30 Before 30 list, one of the items was to attend a life/creativity retreat. 

Well, the stars have aligned and I am so thrilled to attend Camp Mighty next month! One of the things I love about the Camp Mighty event is the group fundraiser that we all participate in to raise money for charity:water. An amazing organization that brings clean and safe drinking water to communities in developing nations.

How does this relate to knitting? Well, one of the items on my life list is to open my first Etsy shop to sell hand knit items and since I needed to fundraise it seemed like the perfect time to cross that one off.

So, I would now like to introduce my very first Etsy shop!

At the moment, I'm only selling items as part of the fundraiser for charity:water but I hope to keep adding more hand knit, sewn, and crafted items over time. 

With the onset of fall, my absolute favorite time of year, I've decided to share my love of cowls with all of you! Other's call them mobius scarves, infinity scarves, etc. - either way they are a lovely way to keep your neck warm with the cool air. One thing about cowls I particularly love is that there are no ends to accidentally douse in a puddle, cup of coffee, or bowl of soup like with a regular scarf.

I've knitted a good variety of cowls, hopefully enough to please all types of folks. There's pure cotton ones for those of us that can't handle the itch of any type of wool, bright colored ones for the bold, long ones, and turtleneck style ones.

I'll hope you consider supporting the wonderful efforts of charity:water by purchasing one of my Mighty Knits for yourself or as a gift!