New York & First Thoughts About Camp Mighty

Total brutal honesty?

I'm exhausted and I've barely had time to think about Camp Mighty since I left for New York. But I have been sneaking moments to read other recaps from Mindy, Sandra, Michelle, Lindsay, and a few others. Reading their words makes me feel so thankful that I had that opportunity to connect with such wonderful women before leaving home and my family for yet to be determined amount of time during the holidays.

At Camp Mighty, I felt like I could be completely me - in all ways. It was okay to be shy and nervous and also do that ridiculous gangnam style dance at the space party. I'm also clutching on to something that one of my favorite speakers talked about; not letting your situation define you. I'm sad, really sad, being away from home right now - I live for this time of year at home and this year it's just not in the cards. But, Derreck was right, I can't let my situation define me.

So here's to trying to enjoy and benefit from my time in New York as much as possible! I'll try to knit more, stretch and sit each day, take baths, visit Purl Soho, pet a Vizsla, spend some time in the Museum of Natural History, and most importantly, try to find a way to see my mom (she lives sort of near Albany) and give her lots of hugs.