Salmon & Olive Sandwich Spread

This spread was one of my favorite's growing up. My mom used to make it with tuna and we would eat it on delicious San Francisco sourdough (the only gluten filled thing I crave and miss). When I stopped eating dairy, I thought I had lost the spread forever (now thinking about it, I supposed I could have tried to use Tofutti back when I was still eating soy - by the way, Tofutti is probably the only soy filled thing I miss and crave. Since moving to Seattle, I've actually found goat's milk cream cheese that I can use and developed a gluten free bread recipe that's pretty darn good - recipe coming soon

1 6 oz can of boneless and skinless salmon
1 5 oz jar of pimento stuffed green olives
1 5 oz container of goat cream cheese

Drain the canned salmon and place in a small mixing bowl.
Drain the olives and chop. Pieces should be no larger than 1/4 inch. Add to the mixing bowl.
Add the goat cream cheese to the bowl.
Using a fork, mix all ingredients together well.
Spread on your choice of bread.

Makes enough for 4 small sandwiches.