Gluten Free & Fresh: Week 19

Due to the inches upon inches of snow that took over Seattle two weeks or so ago our weekly delivery was canceled. And apparently I'm still catching up on chores around the house (since obviously playing in the snow took priority) and I didn't get to snap any pictures of how we used all these goodies.

Jewel Yams were sliced up and coated with olive oil and roasted.
Purple Beets were roasted and used to make a soup with some roasted garlic and the Yellow Onions.
Collard Greens were blanched and eaten on a pizza.
Hass Avocado was used in bean tacos.
Kiwis were sliced up and eaten with some rice whip.
Red Bell Peppers were used in a Pepper & Crouton Salad.

Cara Cara OrangesFuji ApplesAnjou Pears, and Murcott Mandarins were eaten as snacks.
And the Bibb Lettuce is still awaiting it's fate.