Things I'm Reading Thursday

I lived in San Diego for about 3 1/2 years and have been yearning for a little vacay back there. I wasn't gluten free when I lived there, but it's nice to know there are some friendly spots where I can eat now.


As I'm working to grow this blog and find some other online opportunities, I'm loving this post on saying "no" from Design Sponge.

Road trips are by far my favorite way to travel, get some tips from Frommers on how to pack for one.

I've been starting to grow a couple of my veggies from seeds rather than starters and I was so moved when I heard the story of D. Landreth Seed House, the oldest seed house in the U.S. which is facing some serious financial trouble. Save our seeds and buy from them rather than from some big box store.

There is a wonderful conversation going on over at Jenn Cuisine about naturally gluten free foods.

Tara over at Tea & Cookies has written an e-book and is selling it to raise money for the disaster recovery efforts going on in Japan.

Spice up you meals - it may have some health benefits!

Two new magazine launches are peaking my interest; Taproot & Dark Rye.

At yet another peek into my day job and academic background, there is a wonderful post over at Foriegn Policy about women and the decision of whether or not to pursue a PhD in political science/international relations.

Currently, my only social media outreach with this site has been through Twitter, but I'm now considering looking more into Google+ after reading this article.

Great travel tips on traveling safely gluten free over at Gluten Free Traveler.

As if A Practical Wedding needs more post series to make me love their site, Meg has started to write a series on entreprenurship.

Now something I'm watching because I'm a dreamer; Why We Stopped Dreaming.


What did you read this week?