30 Days of Lists


Days 13-16


Here's my next installment of lists. I have to say these four list prompts were not my favorite, but I just decided to go with it; this may be because 10 years ago was not exactly my favorite, on Day 15 I had a massive headache - so overhearing things were the last thing I was interested in, and I'm not sure I wanted to think about pet peeves - that's stuff I'm trying to let go for the most part. Anyway, now checking back in on my list from day 2 on this months goals...
Goals I've Completed:
  • Prep Garden ~ When I first wrote this I figured this meant just doing some pruning, trimming, and cleaning out our containers. But then this happened. So now prepping our garden also includes building raised beds. So we've now pruned, trimmed, and cleaned out our old containers. In addition, we've started to build our raised beds!
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