Things I'm Reading Thursday

A great collection of things to do in Seattle over at A Chow Life - I must check out that Georgetown Trailer Park Mall and the Roller Rink!

I'm drooling over Oneika's spring and summer travel plans! So many fun places and I can't wait to see all the pictures after her trips! 

Northwest Herbivore wrote a great roundup of gluten free and vegan restaurants in Seattle, most of which I've never even heard of! I think I might challenge myself to go try some of these this spring and summer!

While it's quite contrary to this week's photo, I would love to go back to the Caribbean someday and visit some of these beaches.

Sherry from Otts World Travel is chronicling her trip along the Camino de Santiago on her Facebook page.

This week's photo was taken in the Portage Valley in South Central Alaska.