Travel Plans for Summer 2012

A few of my favorite travel bloggers have been posting about their summer plans and it was so fun to read about where they're going that I thought I would join them and post about my upcoming adventures.

This summer, I've got a pretty good line up of out of state trips that will keep me mighty busy. Each month I'm in the air at least 4 times for both personal and work travel. The list below is only includes the "booked" travel - so it doesn't include the camping trips around the Pacific Northwest and Canada that I'm hoping to take. Although, due to the already heavy travel schedule through September - those may get pushed to early Fall instad.

So where am I off to in the Summer of 2012?

Berkeley, California

Las Vegas, Nevada

San Diego, California

Anchorage, Alaska (twice!)

Washington, District of Columbia

Reykjavik, Iceland (for about 20+ hours!)

Paris & Burgundy, France

San Sebastian, Bilbao, Ordoki, Salardu, Cadaques, & Barcelona, Spain (something I'll be checking off my 30 Before 30 List!)

Portland, Oregon (for the Color Run!)

What are your summer travel plans?

Do you have any recommendations for me in my travels?

This photo was taken in the Ocean Beach nieghborhood of San Diego, California.