The Edible Garden Project: July 2012 Update


I know, it's been so long since I've posted an update on the garden! I keep taking pictures and then by the time I have a chance to upload and write a post - the garden has completely changed! This time things are different. This is an actual and timely edible garden update!

Overall, things are growing really well and I'm learning a lot! For example, fennel takes up way too much space to be worthwhile in our garden. We ended up pulling out our two plants early to make more breathing room for the carrots, beets, leeks, and garlic. I also recently learned that when you snip scallions instead of pulling them out by the root, they grow back!

Our kale is finally experiencing some good times after a serious attack by those evil but too cute to squish garden pests, caterpillars.

Our carrots are coming in nicely, I've found a couple that are about 4 inches long as I've been thinning them out (yes, something I should have done earlier). And our beets, they're awesome! I really can't get enough of the golden ones we're growing - we've repeated this meal quite a few times.

Our tomatoes are doing alright, not quite as good as last years though. We're growing Sun Sugars again, but last year we grew them potted in our covered back patio which has a bit of a greenhouse environment.

We're also growing Early Girls this year and we've got this one really good sized one growing.

One of the things I'm growing for the first time is squash! Specifically Delicata Squash - and it's doing so well. It's next to some really bushy Calendula plants that I'm waiting to finish flowering so I can give the squash more room.

If I had to give a prize to the most productive plant so far - it has to be our artichoke plants. We've got two and so far they have 9 artichokes between them. We're hoping to try the first ones this coming weekend when my mother-in-law visits!

Aren't these blooms just gorgeous! I love the colors of Calendula blooms - and I'm so excited to check out their healing properties. I'm currently drying the flowers after they bloom for tea and to make a healing balm recipe I found in Whole Living.

Another thing I've learned this year is where basil prefers to grow in our garden. We started three varieties in the front; two in the beds and one in a pot. All of them were doing okay - but nothing amazing was happening. That was until I moved the potted one into our greenhouse like patio and it's exploded! So next year, I'll be getting a large pot, seeding several varieties of basil, and keeping it in the patio!

Lastly, I wanted to show you our Cinderella Pumpkin! It's growing several inches a day as it spreads out from the limited space it has available in one of the raised beds. I can't wait to see the pumpkins that it grows!

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