Cookbook Review: Fast & Simple Gluten Free

Last fall, a fellow Gluten Free Ratio Rally-er had her first book published and offered us the opportunity to do a review and giveaway on our blogs. I've always loved the simplicity of Gretchen's recipes on kumquat and the gorgeous tasty creations that she shares there. Her cookbook, Fast & Simple Gluten Free, has that same clean aesthetic and simplicity.

So far, I've made the Blueberry Cornmeal Griddlecakes, Chocolate Chili, Honey Skillet Cornbread, Green Chicken Enchiladas, Spanish Rice, Butter Rolls, and the Chocolate Chunk Skillet Cookie. Everything was delicious, quick, and the flavor combinations where right on. Other recipes on my list to try are the Fried Green Beans, Tempura Shrimp, Lemon Chicken, Cheddar Dill Biscuits, and the Fruit & Nut Bark. I actually got a sneak preview of two of the recipes in the book, as a recipe tester. In fact, one of my reviews of the Coconut Almond Hot Chocolate ended up in the book! 

Things I love about this cookbook;

  • I had most the ingredients for all these recipes already in my kitchen. Making them a great choice for a fast and simple weeknight meal.
  • Gretchen talks about the different gluten free flours and how to make your own blend. Her's is a 50/50 ratio of starches and whole grains.
  • She provides the weight for ingredients in recipes - making it oh so much simpler to measure and substitute ingredients. 
  • There are no gums in the recipes.
  • She shares her recipe for my favorite Cuban dish, Picadillo. (I mean really, she had me at Picadillo.)

So now I want to share the goodness of Fast & Simple Gluten Free with one of you! 

To win a copy of Fast & Simple Gluten Free, leave a comment on this post by no later than midnight next Thursday, January 17th. If you want an extra edge on the giveaway, you can follow me on twitter, instagram, pinterest, or facebook and let me know by leaving an additional comment for each one.

If you don't win, but still want the book - it's available on Amazon or even better, give your local bookstore a call and check with them.


Update as of Friday, January 18th!

The winner is Katie of Gluten Free Blondie!

If you didn't win and have some cookbook winning envy, don't despair! I've got another amazing cookbook review and giveaway next month! So stay tuned!