Reading from January 2013

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Today starts a new and improved monthly summary post. I'll include the things that I wrote, in case you missed a post, and the things I was reading else where around the internet. Enjoy and have a fantastic February!



Things I Read From Around the Web

Road trips are my favorite way to travel, don't miss this great two part post from Annie at Travelshus about Cappadocia.

I've been getting really into juicing this year and so this post from 101 Cookbooks was quite timely.

We live in an amazing world.

Last year I got to visit my family's "torre" (tower) in Basque Country, so I really enjoyed this post from Kate about visiting the land of her ancestors in Scotland.

So many of these destinations from Switchback Travel are high on my list and one I had never thought of before; Greenland!

Love this article interviewing one of Secretary Clinton's aides about all the travel they do.

This post from Sandra was everything I needed to read to prepare for Alt Summit and I think I'm going to re-read it before every conference I go to.

Since one of my goals this year is to learn how to make a budget and stick to it - I'll be returning to this list of things to do instead of spending money.

It's my mission to see all of New Zealand; so these 5 alternative road trips are high on my list.

A fellow Camp Mighty attendee makes me miss NYC a bit with her article on Worldette.

A combo of puppy and travel photos? I'm sold.

While I generally don't use Urban Spoon for planning gluten free travel, I will check out this list if I happen to be in any of these cities.