Alt Summit SLC 2013: The Fantastic People

Just a little reminder before we get in to my last Alt Summit post! 

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Yes, it's true. Fantastic people do attend Alt Summit and sadly, I only met a tiny snippet of them. Going in, like I mentioned in my experience post, I was concerned I wouldn't connect with anyone as I'm not really a designer. As a whole, I found the Alt community to be extremely welcoming and accepting. I was able to connect with pretty much everyone I talked to either about being gluten free or having a serious love of travel. So if you work in a particular little niche of the blogging world like me, don't let that stop you from going to Alt.

So let me tell you about some of these fantastic people...

Photo by Brooke Dennis

Let's start with my roommates...

Meet Mindy from Budget Fairy Tale. She's wonderfully sarcastic, snarky, and seriously knows how to own her personal brand - I like her style. She also recently started a community called Blogging It Forward - its a mentorship site for bloggers that I would really encourage you to join if you have a blog.

Meet Caroline from How To Amuse Them Today. She is also wonderfully sarcastic and snarky (we were a good set together - lots of jokes), and is incredibly smart. While she's new to the blogging world, she's got some amazing sounding plans for the future - so keep your eye out for good things from her. 

Next, meet some wonderful people who are talking about travel and adventures. 

Meet Danica from goodheart. She's incredibly sweet, lives in Portland, and loves to travel.

Meet Melanie from Mobile & Making. I'm kind of jealous of her life - she has a dreamy day job, an awesome blog, and two creative businesses. 

Meet Callie from Call Me Cal. She's all about finding adventure in life and she travels a lot for her day job. I'm looking forward to watching future travel videos from her and her film making husband.

Meet Natalie from Out on a Field Trip. Her title is "Chief Explorer". Enough said.

Meet Jessica. She's a photographer in Montana - so she's basically living one of my dream lives.  

Meet Lisa from Elembee. She's developing a fantastic travel series called Across the USA and has been writing the best recaps of the Alt sessions.

Photo on the left from Smilebooth and on the right by Brooke Dennis.

Third, meet two of the people I was the most excited to see at Alt and coincidentally, I think I probably first connected with both of them through the Alt Channel webinars. Since then, we've been chatting over twitter and in comments sections - they're two of my favorite blogger buddies and I hope I get to see both of them again soon.

Meet Joy from Frock Files. Joy is funny, incredibly kind, has wonderful taste, and you may have seen me in her Bright Lights series last year. 

Meet Tan from Squirrelly Minds. Tan is full of light and energy, lives on Vancouver Island (I'm so jealous!!!), and you may have seen a recipe of mine on her blog last year while she was away getting married and going on an AMAZING honeymoon to Morocco.

Both these ladies travel to gorgeous places, take beautiful pictures, and write awesome blogs - so I'd highly recommend following both of them. You'll see their adorable business cards in the next picture...

And finally a few other people you might be interested in meeting...

You've already met Mindy & Tan.

Meet Melissa from the Polka Dot Chair. She blogs about sewing and crafts - I'm looking forward to learning from her.

Meet Koseli from Original Archiving. She finds and shares beautiful things on her blog and as a contributor to Design Mom. I think she's kind of great.

Meet Kate from Striped Cat Studio. She had one of my favorite business cards at Alt - a paper doll cat and writes a series called "Dog Stalking." So you can bet I've already added her blog on Bloglovin.

Meet Meredith of Not Merely Living. I can't wait to start reading her blog - I like her attitude.

Meet Brianne of Ravenna Girls. Another Seattle-ite that I had met before, she was my friendly face to look for at Alt. 

You've already met Joy.

Meet Anna of And Then We Saved. I found Anna's blog after someone at Camp Mighty recommended it to me and it's been a great help in this new year of trying to reign in our spending. In person, Anna is just lovely.

Meet Anita. She didn't attend Alt, but I got to meet her at breakfast on Friday and I'm so glad I did. She's also big on travel and sewing clothing.

Meet Lizzy of the Kitchen Nomad. She's new in the food blog world, but I see big things coming from her in the future - especially since she's lived all around the world!