Welcome To June: It's Camping Month

Disclaimer: Your camping trip will probably not look nearly as perfect as this photo. This shot simply expresses the camping cheerleader in me and was taken as part of our engagement shoot with the amazing Claire Barrett.

I grew up camping with my Girl Scout troop, at away camps during the summer, and of course in the backyard in my dad's huge canvas tent. My memories are filled with smores, ghost stories, and playing light as a feather stiff as a board in the tent. Now that I'm older and we're pinching our pennies to save for grander things on the horizon, camping is a perfect way for us to travel while cutting our lodging and food costs. 

This month, I'll be sharing fun camping themed posts to hopefully inspire you to get out there and camp this summer! Whether you're currently an avid camper, a slightly hesitant camper, or brand new to the idea - there will be plenty for you to enjoy throughout the month. I'll also be elsewhere on the web chatting about gluten free friendly camping recipes and I'll be sharing a few more fun surprises with you!

If you're on Twitter, you can follow all my tips and thoughts about camping month with #letsgocamping and I'll be researching and posting to my camping board on Pinterest and to my Facebook page.

Just a note: In addition to all the camping goodness, the regular monthly series will continue - so you'll still get to see how our Edible Garden Project is doing, a new Gluten Free Ratio Rally post, another fun blog event I'm participating in, and more.