Gluten Free In Boston

Gluten Free in Boston

It's starting to seem like just about every trip I take to Boston is filled with some kind of food related mishap or at least a mildly chaotic episode. On my first trip after going gluten free back in 2011, I got glutened and spent 2 1/2 days feeling incredibly sick. This time around finding gluten free options seemed much easier, however each time I ordered my gluten free dish without any dairy - that last request always seemed to slip the staff's mind. That being said - both restaurants I'll mention in this short post recovered very well from the stumble and got me a new hot dish immediately.

Gluten Free in Boston

The first restaurant we visited was Rosa Mexicano, since I can never get enough Mexican food. Located in the Seaport District, there were plenty of options for both gluten and dairy free dishes. Unfortunately on the day we visited, the restaurant seemed to be having a rough day - specifically the general manager was running the kitchen since the chef was not there. It was clear the employees were scrambling a bit and while my first order of fajitas came out on a dish of cheese, they recovered well and even comped my meal for the trouble. The food was all fresh and tasty, so I'd absolutely return and cross my fingers for the poor staff that their chef was able to come to work that day!

On the second of three quick days in Boston, I got to have lunch with the lovely Molly whom I've actually known since college. We met up at City Landing, which sits just along the lovely new waterfront area that was created after the Big Dig finally ran it's course. It's a super cute little spot with a great gluten free menu that include gluten free bread and hamburger buns - and for some odd reason that made me crave a hamburger (which is generally not my thing - I think I've had maybe two in the last five years). Just as I mentioned, my first burger came out with a slice of cheese - oops - but the staff quickly recovered and got me a new great burger.

Gluten Free Friendly Spots In Boston:

City Landing | 255 State St. | (617) 725-0305

Rosa Mexicano | 155 Seaport Blvd. | (617) 476-6122

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