The Edible Garden Project: July 2013 Update

Edible Garden Project Do You Prune

In general, I've been very hands off with the garden this year. Lots of unexpected things have come up and I just haven't had the time to be as attentive as I'd like. I am, after all, a rather lazy gardener with purposefully low expectations. That being said, at the beginning of the month there was only one tomato each on the Brandywine and Amish Paste plants. So, I decided it was time to give pruning a try. The idea behind pruning is that you get more good nutrients going towards producing fruit by cutting off some of the excess foliage which is taking away that energy and fuel. I ended up removing most of the lower branches as well as most all without flowers all around the plant. 

The result?

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The Edible Garden Project: June 2013 Update

Edible Garden Project

In the last two weeks our garden seems to have finally taken off. Especially when I look back last month's update, our plants have had a major growth spurt. Our middle raised bed in particular has become somewhat of a jungle with the combination of Tuscan kale, tomatoes, beets, onions, and carrots. 

To be honest, aside from some very interesting weeding to be done - I haven't really done much garden work or up keep in the past month. Perhaps the only thing that has caught my attention are the tons of tiny tomato sprouts, not that we planted, appearing in that middle bed. So that's my new lesson learned for the month; when planting tomatoes in raised beds, expect lots of volunteers the next season. Other volunteers from last years planting include New Zealand spinach and Echinacea. 

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