Gluten Free In Boston

Gluten Free in Boston

It's starting to seem like just about every trip I take to Boston is filled with some kind of food related mishap or at least a mildly chaotic episode. On my first trip after going gluten free back in 2011, I got glutened and spent 2 1/2 days feeling incredibly sick. This time around finding gluten free options seemed much easier, however each time I ordered my gluten free dish without any dairy - that last request always seemed to slip the staff's mind. That being said - both restaurants I'll mention in this short post recovered very well from the stumble and got me a new hot dish immediately.

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Gluten Free In and Around Boston, Massachusetts

This trip really did not start off so well.

My first night in Boston, I went to Legal Seafood at Long Wharf because I had heard they were very allergy friendly and even had a gluten free menu.  I think I even read somewhere that they had gluten free rolls!  So anyway, I explained my food allergies to my server and ordered off the gluten free menu.  I got the cioppino and I got sick.  Really sick, worst reaction I've had so far.  I actually stayed in my hotel the entire next day and missed the first day of my conference because I felt so awful. Anyway, I called the restaurant to report that I got sick and they took down my information and had a manager call me back.  She called me back, took down the information about how I ordered and then asked me what my symptoms were...

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