A Camping Staple: Graham Crackers

Gluten Free Graham Crackers for Smores www.glutenfreetravelette.com

Thank you to Bob’s Red Mill for supporting this post through providing me the flour to make this tasty recipe along with these Oatmeal Cinnamon Pancakes, this Hiking Bread, and one more upcoming recipe as part of a series of gluten free camping friendly recipes.

In the realm of camping desserts, I’m serious about two things; simplicity and tradition.

While Dutch oven or skillet cobblers are certainly tasty treats to have while camping – I personally do not enjoy the clean up involved from making one of those dishes after a long day of exploring or hiking. Brownies and cakes baked inside orange peels are all the rage on Pinterest as a simple backpacking friendly treat, but that’s not what I grew up eating at camp.

When I think of camping desserts, there is really only one treat on my mind: good old-fashioned smores. Whether the marshmallows are roasted on a stick gathered nearby or on some fancy contraption made specifically for this purpose, I’ve always loved the campfire discussion (or debate) on what makes a perfectly roasted marshmallow. Are you a perfectly golden brown person or a flaming burnt marshmallow person? I used to be the later, but as I find my patience growing – I’m turning to into the former. 

These graham crackers have both a honey and light cinnamon flavor to them and hold up very well in the smore making experience. Far better than the pre-packaged ones I’d been buying at the store to make smores in my microwave (a terribly guilty pleasure of mine). The extra plus is that they’ll stay fresh and crisp, when kept in an air tight container for up to two weeks.

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Comfort Food Can Be Gluten Free Too!

It's been a busy and rough two weeks, but luckily we planned a vacation at the right time!  We're off to visit Jasper, Banff, and Glacier over a week long camping and hiking adventure.  Wish us luck! We'll be camp cooking all of our meals and experimenting with how to do it all gluten free!


Until we get back, here are some things we made and recipes we used to get through the rough waters!


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