Plein Air Sketching In Austria
Adina Plein Air Sketching In Austria

About Adina

Adina Marguerite Pease is a creative who lives to wander, both geographically and within artistic mediums. Instead of specializing in just one medium, Adina maintains of portfolio of both digital and physical pieces – often mixing the two together to create her work. Most recently her workflow has focused on a series of watercolor and pen illustrations, which then transitions to inspire collections of digital pattern designs. The full breadth of her work also spans to photography and videography; her multimedia travel pieces have been featured by National Geographic, VSCO, AFAR, TripFilms, and Iceland Air Info Magazine. In further pursuit of her love of travel and creativity, she founded RambleGood – a purveyor of handmade travel goods with a cause, which uses her watercolor and pen work to create custom fabric hand sewn into functional goods. After growing her creativity in the Seattle area for seven years, Adina relocated to the Hudson River Valley region of New York in early 2017.