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Thank you so much for stopping over here to review my portfolio page for your market! I very much hope my product line & aesthetic aligns with the creative vision you have for the event. Below, I've tried to provide both a basic visual and written summary of what you can expect to see from my booth space. You'll find categories including my current product line, the basics of my booth set-up, a summary of past events, and finally a few additional links that may assist you in determining if I'm a good fit for your event. Please feel free to let me know if you have any specific questions above and beyond what you see here.

~ Adina

Current Product Line

Booth Basics

My basic booth set up for a 6-foot table includes a linen table cloth drape with medium-toned wood display apparatus (recently re-painted a rustic white) and a bunting made from the fabric of my hand illustrated West Collection of surface pattern designs. The large wooden piece rotates. This set up can expand to fill a full 10x10 booth space with an additional full height display rack like the one seen in these photos and/or an additional similar table display. 

The one thing these photos do not illustrate is a new display just completed for my RambleGood product line. It has a similar look and feel and is also painted a rustic white. Not displayed above is the larger selection of my recently expanded Wilsome Knots line. A display piece for these is currently in the works. Below, under Previous Markets and Art Shows, you will find a more up to date version of my booth set up featuring the RambleGood display and a set up for a 10' x 10' booth space.

At all my events, I try to include some kind of special seasonal touch with the flora from where I live. A good example is the center top photo - the rest of these photos were taken in a staged environment to provide a basic template for my booth. Additional items would be added for each particular event.

Previous Markets & Art Shows

Markets At Round Lake 2018

2018 Markets

Hudson River Exchange Summer Market | June 22-24 | Hudson, NY

Markets At Round Lake | August 9-10 | Round Lake, NY

The Farmhouse Project Makers Market | September 1-2 | Calicoon, NY

Saratoga Springs Art In The Park | September 22 | Saratoga Springs, NY

2018 Exhibitions

Winter Salon | Greene County Council on the Arts | Catskill, NY

2017 Markets

Arlene's Artist Materials Art Fair | Summer 2017 | Albany, NY

Arlene's Artist Materials Art Fair | Winter 2017 | Albany, NY

2017 Exhibitions

Nasty Women HV | Instar Lodge | Germantown, NY

Picturing the Sublime | Thomas Cole Historic Site | Catskill, NY

Winter Salon | Greene County Council on the Arts | Catskill, NY

Holiday Show | Rhinebeck Artist's Shop | New Paltz, NY

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