Onward to Mighty Things

Tomorrow I'm headed to Camp Mighty down in Palm Springs, California to check off another item on my life list: attend a life/creativity retreat. My goal in attending is to find that extra push and motivation to move myself and my career forward - I want to do more and and to do it better. I'm hoping to get inspired by the fantastic speakers and the other campers. At the same time, I'm super nervous that I'm going to end up feeling like the odd one out and feeling awkward around the "big" names.

Since Camp Mighty is a retreat focused on life lists, we're all supposed to pick five goals to focus on for the next year that we can ask the other campers for help with. It was incredibly hard to narrow it down to 5, but somehow I managed.

And because I'm overly ambitious, I decided that I wanted to select a second set of five goals that I could try to focus on completing myself;

That being said - I'd love to hear any tips, suggestions, pearls of wisdom, offers of assistance, or notes of encouragement as I work towards completing these goals!

So off I go to become more mighty!