Introducing Things You Should Do In... and A Picture of Parsley

Parsley is grown every day and she's mighty silly.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a new type of travel post here on Gluten Free Travelette. I've been posting my finds of great gluten free friendly places to eat out for over two years and just this year started to post about great places to stay. Obviously there's more to traveling than eating and sleeping. 

This new series of posts will be called Things You Should Do In [insert super neat place here: followed by thing you should do]. Like all of my travel posts, these will all be based on my own experiences and I won't recommend something that I thought was just meh.

What type of things do I think you should do? Well, it's likely that many will be hikes, walks, or outdoor activities because that's what I really enjoy doing when I travel. I'm sure I'll come up with other types of activities as well because I just love seeing and doing new things!

So check back tomorrow for a post about Things You Should Do In New Zealand!