Things I'm Reading Thursday

Some of my favorite travel experiences involve getting lost and inevitably, I always get lost.  I think I may try this technique of getting lost on purpose on my next trip.
I'm a total international policy geek and therefore I've been loving the fictitious version of March Madness that Foreign Policy has created; Democrats vs. Dictators. My bracket started out strong, but I'm not doing so hot anymore.
Love this post about gluten free road tripping (and the awesome photos!) over at Gluten Free Traveller - road trips are my absolute favorite way to travel. I like the independence of being able to stop or turn at any point of interest along the way.
If I have to name one gluten-full item I miss, it's San Francisco sourdough. Hands down. Someday I'll follow in Jeanne's footsteps and make a gluten free sourdough starter!
I'm new to Design Sponge, but have been loving the Biz Ladies posts - this week's is on asking for business help.


Not that I plan to start a foodie buisness anytime soon, but I certainly won't count it out of my future - some great inspiration here.

Forgot to add one more! I'm a huge fan of making everything I can from scratch in my kitchen - but I also try to balance and not go overboard with it. Ricotta made from goats milk is definitely on my list.

This week's photo was taken in Kootenay National Park, British Columbia, Canada.