Things I'm Reading Thursday

Taken at the North Head Historic Reserve in New Zealand.

I don't consider myself highly fashionable, however I always agonize over what to pack when I travel. I'll definitely be referring back to this article when I pack for the Iceland-France-Spain trip.


I'm a bit of a musical nerd and if I ever make it to Denver, I would love to visit this museam!

Great travel goodies round up here, one thing I really ought to have is a good travel umbrella.

I've been on the hunt for some homemade dog biscut ideas and glad to have found this one. Miss Parsley is a huge fan of greens, particularly kale - not sure how we're going to keep her away from the kale in our edible garden.

A wonderful round up of gluten and dairy free essentials for backpacking trips - or any long trip.

More great travel tips.

9 Days on British Colombia's Powder Highway? Yes please!

This is more something I'm just looking at - this woman is rocking it by climbing mountains back in the '50s. So cool.

In other news....
You'll notice in the photo above that I've switched to a different font. This is going to be the first change you'll see in my move to a new site I'm building over at Squarespace.  Expect the move to happen sometime in April - I'll make sure to keep you updated and redirect you over to the new site! Good things are in the air!