My 30 Before 30 List

I love lists.

In March I participated in 30 Days of Lists and it was so much fun and so centering. I like the organization of it all. Mandi over at Living for Pretty posted a 30 Things To Do Before 30 List and I decided that with about 2 1/2 years left to go - I really ought to make one for myself. And since it's got lots of travel, food, and garden related items - I thought I would share it here!

I'll keep coming back and updating the list with successfully accomplished things! In fact, since starting this list in my Moleskine Monthly Planner, I've actually accomplished one of the items - sewing a dress for myself.

It's an infinity dress and thanks to the lovely ladies of Made Sewing Studio for guiding me through the process!


My 30 Before 30 List

1. Visit Spain

2. Ski Whistler

3. Go camping in Jasper National Park (Canada)

4. Surf in Encinitas (again!)

5. Hike in Kauai

6. Sew a dress for myself

7. Knit a sweater or skirt

8. Learn intarsia

9. Make an origami crane garland

10. Put together our New Zealand honeymoon album

11. Make gluten free sourdough

12. Make butternut squash ravioli from scratch

13. Make almond milk

14. Make and can jam

15. Grow potatoes

16. Take a travel writing class

17. Make a trip video

18. Organize the craft room

19. Feel healthy & "in shape"

20. Do the Color Run

21. Host a theme party

22. Feel passionate about my "day" job

23. Attend a blogging conference - BlogHer Food 2012

24. Attend a life/creativity retreat - Scheduled to go to Camp Mighty in November 2012!

25. Have our entire art collection framed and ready to hang

26. Create a go-to allergy friendly cake recipe - Angel Food is now my go-to!

27. Visit Pacific Rim National Park (Canada)

28. Make Thai yellow coconut curry from scratch

29. Sew a shirt/blouse for myself

30. Make chocolate truffles


Do you have a 30 Before 30 List or something similiar?  Maybe a 40 Before 40?

Share it in the comments, if you would like to!