My Map Design Final Project: Road Trip Guides

Last week I let you in on some of my drafts for the Map Design course taught by Anne Ditmeyer of Pret-a-Voyager I've been taking on Skillshare. Our final projects were due this past Sunday and the class ended on Monday. I'll admit, I'm a little bummed it isn't running for longer. I had so much fun sketching maps by hand and then enhancing them with digital resources. 

For my final project, I created a two page road trip guide to New Zealand based on the route my husband and I took on our February 2011 trip. The outline of the map and the route were both sketched by hand and scanned. Using Pages (a very inexpensive page layout software from Apple) I added photos and recommendations for what to do, where to eat, and places to stay. For the later two types of recommendations - I included hyperlinks to find more information and for the things to do posts, I've added links to the blog posts I've written about those activities.

Since I've embedded the PDF files into the post - it may take them a minute to load, so have patience. If you would like to download the guides, you can find them here.


I'd love to continue to enhance this particular guide with more hyperlinks and also create guides for the other road trips we've taken in France, Spain, Iceland, and Canada - and for future trips as well. It was a fun product for me to create, so I hope you find them enjoyable and useful!

Would you like to see more road trip guides on Gluten Free Travelette?