Trip Video: A Weekend On Lopez Island

A Weekend on Lopez Island from Adina Marguerite on Vimeo.

That camping trip to Lopez Island seems to have become a catalyst for change in the creative side of my life. Prior to the trip, I was fortunate enough to partner with Bob's Red Mill to produce a series of camping recipes that we shot for while on the island. I also decided to shoot some video with my trusty Canon S100 camera - thinking that this time I would actually get my act together and edit it into my first trip video. Well, I did get my act together and it turned out that I LOVED shooting and editing the video. Now I remember why I threw away my chances of going to a University of California school (or so I was told at the time) by choosing to take Film Analysis instead of Senior English back in high school. 

I enjoyed it so much, that after returning my husband and I decided it was time to finally invest in a DSLR, so I could further pursue making travel and trip videos. Earlier this month, we settled on and bought a Canon T5i with an 18-135mm STM and 50mm fixed lens. There are lots more accessories to round up over time - but it's at least a start.

A few things I learned while actually shooting and compiling my first trip video; 

  • Shoot way more footage than you think you'll need. I thought we shot a lot, but I would have loved to have more to choose from.
  • Get shots that provide perspective - such as with a dog or person. I wish we had one of us walking out Watmough Bay through a beech forest.
  • 24 seconds is a long time in a short trip video.
  • Data digging for good musical accompaniment takes time.
  • Make sure to shoot long enough clips to account for editing out the camera shake after pressing the record button.

So here's to my very first trip video and more to follow as I start shooting with a much better camera!

P.S. I've been starting to pin all the travel videos that inspire me - take a look for guaranteed wanderlust.