Camping Tips: The Gear

Camping Tips: The Gear
Photo by Claire Barrett for our engagement shoot.

Gear is not something that I chat a lot about here because I like to focus more on the experience of travel rather than the stuff. In real life though - my husband and I have accumulated a pretty good amount of it for a couple living with limited income to spend on such things. Since the thought of accumulating all the appropriate gear for a camping trip can feel overwhelming, I thought I'd make an exception and share some of our most reliable pieces, great gear posts from others, and where we buy our gear.

Just FYI, there are no affiliate links in this post and everything I recommend is simply because of my own personal experience (with the exception my "gear crush" at the end). I should also note, that with the gear recommendations - much of the gear we have has stood up so well over the course of time that it's no longer available, in which case I don't have a good way to share it with you. 

Our Tried & Tested Gear

Great Posts on Gear

Where We Buy Our Gear

So now what about my current gear crushes? As in the gear that I've got on my mind to purchase as soon as I can. Right now, I'm all about the BioLite Stove & Grill that I found while doing some research for camping month - and am now totally crushing on it. Both because of how fantastic it would be to use and because of their thoughtful mission. Will somebody please surprise me with it before our next camping trip?