The Friday Five: Annie's Five Favorite Things About Buenos Aires

Annie Shustrin is a Brooklyn-based travel writer and blogger. She has visited over 30 countries on both long and short term travels and has made a point of tasting wine in all of them. As well as writing for her blog, Travelshus, she contributes articles and photography to other online and print travel publications.

El Ateneo Bookstore Buenos Aires Argentina

El Ateneo

Half of the books may be in Spanish, but reading is not the only reason to come visit the El Ateneo bookstore.  El Ateneo was built in the early 1900s as a theater. It was then converted into a cinema and subsequently converted into a very unique bookshop. Sitting along the balconies looking down upon the layers and layers of books really inspires one to get lost in a novel. English or Spanish.

The stage is now the bookshop’s café. The enormous red curtains are still in tact, which gives the whole room an old-school atmosphere.

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