Gluten Free In and Around Te Anau, New Zealand

It was incredibly hard to make this collage because there were so many beautiful pictures of the beautiful places in the Fiordland region of New Zealand. We drove through Queenstown and admired the beautiful lakes, cruised on Milford Sound, visited the Southern Ocean, kayaked Doubtful Sound, and did a bit of exploring around Fiordland National Park.

Searle Lane
03 441 2666

Apparently I neglected to take any pictures of the delicious cheese-less pizza and gluten free garlic bread that we got here, but I would highly recommend it.  The staff were also incredibly helpful and friendly. They offered two sizes of a gluten free pizza base, gluten free garlic bread, and a gluten free brownie.

62 Town Centre
Te Anau
03 249 7111

After Hell Pizza, this one was less impressive, but nice and gluten free nonetheless. They also had some very tasty looking gluten free desserts which I never had the room to try.

52 Town Centre
Te Anau
03 249 8496

The staff here were incredibly helpful while choosing from the menu and I ended up with a tasty Mediterranean style salad as a result of their helpfulness. They had a fair amount of gluten free choices on the menu and the staff were easily able to pick out the safe choices.  Their fries (chips) however are not gluten free, oh well.

5 Milford Crescent
Te Anau
03 249 9330

A regular style supermarket with a pretty decent selection of gluten free foods.  They even had some microwavable gluten and dairy free chocolate lava cakes that were quite enjoyable on the colder nights in our lovely cottage.

Real Journeys Cruise on Milford Sound
When we booked our little day cruise, I did not expect to have a meal I could eat, so I brought my own snacks and food.  However, when we checked in I asked about a gluten and dairy free meal and I actually got a full boxed lunch!  With a sandwich on gluten free bread, so that was a pretty wonderful surprise!