Camping Gluten Free: Lunch & Snacks

What a beautiful lunch spot this would have been!  It's part of the Robson Shadows Campground that we stayed at for our jumping off point into Jasper National Park.

Lunches for our camping trip needed to be packable or easy to make on the road as our days were either spent on long drives or long hikes. They also had to keep reasonably well, since we would often make them at the same time as breakfast to pack away for lunch. 

We settled on sandwiches for the most part, eating either peanut butter or canned salmon with chives. For the first couple of days on the trip we had blueberry jam and canola mayonnaise to compliment both types, but both really required refrigeration.

I should also mention, for bread we found that Rudi's Multigrain was quite good with no refrigeration for the first 4 days, after that it started to degrade a bit.  Lucky for us, we just then happened upon The Green Tea House in Whitefish, MT and picked up some freshly made (and seriously good) multi-grain bread.

In addition to sandwiches, plenty of snacks were always called for; 

  • gluten free cookies
  • individual applesauce containers
  • tortilla chips
  • fresh fruit
  • homemade beef jerky
  • trail mix made with dried fruit, nuts, seeds, and chocolate chips