Things I'm Reading Thursday

If you're a cook who likes to experiment in the kitchen, you can't tell me you don't relate to Juanita's horror over the souffle. This may also be applicable if your reaction to gluten is like mine and it tends to change your mood a bit...

My wedding may have been back in 2010, but I still love keeping up with the A Practical Wedding community and love their Reclaiming Wife series.

I'm stoked for Allyson's upcoming Gluten Free & Vegan cookbook, if you pre-order you could get some extra recipes as well!

Jupiter Moon Farm is giving away a flock of sheep!  How cool is that!

Etsy's Quit Your Day Job is one of my favorite series around the web. The most recent post is one of my favorites; when two math teachers become full time invitation makers and moms.

Networking is not my strength. While I love talking and performing infront of large groups of people, I dred the one-on-one interactions. The Geeky Hostess put together a great post on networking which reminds me that I want to put some business cards together!

I made Sweet and Sour Chicken from The Kitchn over the weekend and it was a huge hit. To make it gluten free I subbed gluten free all purpose flour and to make it soy free I subbed Coconut Aminos for the soy sauce.

Considering how much I like Genmaicha, I'd like to try making this Burnt Rice Tea.

I too have fallen into the Downton Abbey fan club and find the food particularly interesting, NPR's The Salt blog has an interesting post on British food after Downton times.

We're planning to tackle Hawaii as our 2013 vacation and I'm definitely going to be using this set of great coastal walks and hikes to plan our trip.

Things I'm pinning for our France & Spain adventure, places I want to go, and great recipes I've actually tried from around the web.

Oh and one thing I'm reading in actual print (because I'm working to decrease my screen time and well, I like flipping the pages of an actual book-it gives me a feeling of accomplishment); Scorpian Tongues: Gossip, Celebrity, and American Politics by Gail Collins.