Gluten Free & Fresh: Week 20

Every single photo I took of our delivery this week turned out blurry. I did my best to hide it. Darn low light of Seattle winters.

I know its been a couple of weeks in a row now that I haven't been posting pictures of our meals made from our produce delivery. Things with our new pup have kept us on our toes recently and I've come down with a pretty awful some kind of sick. It's had me coughing up a storm over President's day weekend which drastically reduced my cooking ambitions for the week. Here's to hoping I get better soon!

Carrots and Yellow Onions were used in Split Pea Soup.
Gold Beets were roasted and used with Red Leaf Lettuce and Pinata Apples to make a salad.
Hass Avocados and Anjou Pears were eaten plain as sides to Coconut Chicken Strips (recipe coming next week!)
Rainbow Chard was used in lieu of collard greens in my Creamy Polenta recipe.
Minneloa Tangelos and Navel Oranges were juiced.
Zucchini will be shredded and used in Zucchini bread later in the week.

Broccoli will be steamed and served over pasta.