March Happenings

Today, I'm headed to Nevada to visit some interesting sights on the first day of March as part of my "day" job. I'll have a Gluten Free in Las Vegas, Nevada post up soon after with my gluten free finds around the area.

Later in the month I'll be traveling to Boise, Idaho for a quick overnight trip and of course I'll write another post on my gluten free finds there!

Throughout the month, I'll also be participating in 30 Days of Lists. I made my own little notebook out of leftover materials from making our wedding invitations. Yes, we made those over two years ago and still have leftover paper, stickers, and ribbon!
I'm signed up for three online classes through Alt Design Summit and I couldn't be more excited! Last month I took Tips & Tricks to Make Your Site Spectacular with Laurie Smithwick and I learned so much. Not only was Laurie an increadable teacher, but it was great to interact with the other students. I can't tell you how many sites I bookmarked to work on bettering my blog. I would totally recommend signing up for one of their online sessions. Here's what I'm taking in March;

I'll be jumping into the exciting world of sewing knitwear at Made Sewing Studio and making an infinity dress. Since we got a new kitchen table, I finally have a dedicated sewing table, so I'm going to be working hard at setting up my crafting room. I have a pile of projects awaiting me in there, one of which is going to help me with a complete overhaul and relauch of Gluten Free Travelette! Exciting times!

On the blog side of things, look out for a couple of a couple of special posts in March!

  • A hello from the mister.
  • My first Gluten Free Ratio Rally post.
  • And the recipe for the gluten free bread I've been posting photos of weekly on Twitter.