Things I'm Afraid To Tell You

Last week on Twitter I noticed some buzz about this post concept called Things I'm Afraid To Tell You. I was curious but decided just to wait and see what it might be about. On Thursday, an amazing crew of bloggers led by Ez of Creature Comforts posted real and honest things about themselves and their lives. Their posts were inspired by this post from Jess of Makeunder My Life - who I'm delighted to have discovered for the first time!

As I read through the lovely and sincere posts, I felt so much better. It was such a comforting reminder that I am not alone and that while the blogging world can look fabulous and perfect, reality is, well, a bit more real.

In the past, I've kept the personal posts rather limited. As I've begun to dream about where this blog might take me in the future I've tried to open the window into my life just a bit more. It's nerve wrecking for me to put my life out on the internet like that and like I'm about to do with this post. But as I see it, there's a higher cause here in building community. Not everyone has a support structure to help them follow their passions and dreams. So if this post might help others feel like I felt (not alone) - then it's worth it.

On the surface I can see how it might look like I've got an exciting jet setting life eating amazing food and growing an edible garden with my awesome husband and puppy. The reality is that sometimes I feel like I'm living in a VHS tape set on fast forward, hoping something doesn't catch and everything gets thrown into a tangled mess. (That being said, my husband and my pup are both ridiculously fantastic.)

So here are some things I'm afraid to tell you;

While I love to travel and explore, sometimes it's just a bit too much for me. First of all, I extremely dislike flying. I find all the rules and security processes draining and I'm also terrified of something bad happening. My air travel outfits are structured around my nightmare scenario of ended up like LOST. Second, I love being home with my husband and our pup. I've never felt as "at home" as I do now - so I hate to be away from it for too long. If only I could always take them both with me...

I know I can't do it all, but have trouble shaking the feeling that I have to.

I'm not so great with social situations. Which is funny because I love speaking in front of huge groups of people, working events, and coming up with responses to hard questions on the fly. It's just in those strictly social situations my mind sometimes seems to go blank.

I get very nervous about planning parties. (See previous statement about my love of working events. I also love planning conferences and feel quite confident about those.) When planning personal events I worry about throwing a failed party where no one even shows up.

I've always had trouble finding outlets to share my love of knitting, sewing, and crafting - which makes me a bit sad.

So there it is. Those were some things I've been afraid to tell you. So afraid, that I read over this post again and again, worrying about, well, probably nothing. 

What are you afraid to say?

Do you think blogs sometimes present a much too picture perfect view of life?

Have you written a post like this? Share it in the comments!

This picture was taken at Lake Pukaki on the South Island of New Zealand.