Rhubarb & Meyer Lemon Jam

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After yesterday's very serious post, I thought I might sweeten things up a bit.

Rhubarb and Meyer Lemons are two of my favorite foods in the world and I simply love that short time of year when their seasons overlap. We're at the tail end of seeing Meyer Lemons in stores here in Seattle - so I'm buying them up like they won't be back for another year. Rhubarb is everywhere right now, including in our edible garden.

After scoring some great Weck Jars at this great shop in the University District I thought about combining the two into some jam and it turned out fantastic. For this recipe I let it simmer and reduce down almost in half to really get some deep and delicious flavors in there. We've been eating this jam on toast, bagels, ice cream, and on the occasional spoon. I've also been planning to make some frozen yogurt with my favorite sheep milk yogurt and add a swirl of this jam.

Now, if you can't find Meyer Lemons anymore - I suppose it's worth a try with regular lemon zest or maybe combining half orange zest and half lemon zest. I'm sure that would still be tasty, but it won't have just the same POW of flavors of this specific combination. 

Rhubarb & Meyer Lemon Jam

1 lb rhubarb, roughly chopped
1 cup sugar
1 cup water
1 tbsp meyer lemon zest, from about 3 small lemons



Combine all ingredients in a small pot.

Bring to a simmer on medium heat.

Simmer on medium low for about 1 hour, stiring occasionally.

Remove from heat and pour into your preferred container. This recipe fits nicely in a Weck 1/2 L Tulip Jar.

Allow to cool and store in the refridgerator for up to 2 weeks. 

What's your favorite type of jam?