The Edible Garden Project: Grown From Seed

So way back when, we planted about half of our edible plants from seed with the hope that they would grow - but we also weren't keeping our hopes up for total greatness. Fortunately, our edibles grown from seed are doing quite well - even with the crummy June weather we've been having here in Seattle. 

Before I move on to photos of some of our other from seed plants, I don't want to forget to mention that the seedling you see above is Echinacea.

Traditional Genovese Basil grown in a container is doing well - even with some of the cold rainy days we've had.

The Cinnamon Basil was a late sprout, but I'm hoping to use this new to me herb in some tasty drinks!

Tiny Thai Basil to use in my veggie pho I've been making almost every week.

Varieties of carrots sprouting well - I hope I can figure out the right time to pick them.

Nasturtiums grown in their own pot.

New Zealand Spinach - this one I'm particularly excited for since I love all things kiwi!

And last but certainly not least, the Cinderella Pumpkin. It's huge! And actually there are two of them. They both seemed to appear out of nowhere. One day there was nothing and the next day there was gigantic sprout!

Have you had success growing edibles from seed?