The Edible Garden Project: August 2012 Update

I can't believe it's August already! The summer has just zoomed by and our plants have gone crazy. In fact the first bed has done it's part in contributing, so we've harvested all the remaining goodies. That includes the 2+ pounds of carrots you see above, golden beets, lactino kale, lettuce, garlic, and leeks. In order to preserve some of our goodies for later in the year, we blanched and froze the carrots and lactino kale.

The first bed, the one closest to the steet, has exploded with growth. The rhubarb is huge and the artichokes are growing so fast that we can't eat them all! The Cinderella pumpkin that we planted from seed has made a serious effort and taking over the entire yard and trying to cross the side walk.

So far I've spotted about 4 different pumpkins growing around the yard. Hopefully they all make it till Halloween!

About half of the center bed has exploded as well. The Sun Sugar and Early Girl tomatoes have exploded to take over one half of the bed and the other is being dominated by some fast growing Shizo, the Delicata Squash, and the Calendula flowers. On the other hand the peppers and cucumbers are just barely growing.

So now it's time to get moving on our fall to winter garden. We picked up a bunch of cool season seeds and a bag of compost to spruce up our soil. We'll work on planting early this month and hopefully when we're back from our big trip the garden will be bursting with green goodness!

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